Obsidian The Hedgehog

Characters and Art by Sinister aka Metal The Hedgehog / Metal Teccbad

Redesign since 15.05.20

OLD Design und Story

Name: Obsidion The Hedgehog

Nick Name: Project Chaos Energy (PCE)

Height: 120cm

Brothers: Neo & Des
Other Relations:

Personality: Angry, aggressiv, sad inside. Hates expecially Humans. Doesn‘t like contact to other persons.

Abilitys: Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Telepotation, Chaos Energy, fast self healing
Explosive Energy - Gloves holding his Energy Back, when he snapping with his Fingers the Energy gets loose. He is fireing an Energy beam in the Direction he snipps, when this hits it's explodes.
He aged very fast within a few Month from Child to Adult and then stopped aging.
Obsidian was created as Military Weapon by Humans from the Chaos Energy. 
In the first Month of his Life, Mink was there to raise him and help him to get control of his powers. 
She was removed from the Military because she treated him to much as living being. The Humans mistreated him afterwards very much and forces him to fight and destroy. 
One day it was to much, he blowed up the entire Military Base and everyone with it. 
As only survivor he tries to find a place to be which is not easy for him.
 The kind child he was when he was created is long gone or very deep down inside of him. 
He doesn‘t feel anything but anger and confusion. 
He learned all the hate and cruelty from the human military. 
When he finally freed himself he must learn very soon that there are still people around who doesn‘t want let him go, but to capture and use him again. 
Because of this he becomes very dangerous for all people. 
He only sees the way to finally be free and get peace is to destroy everything.

Note: Obsidian is a main neutral / evil antagonist of my story.